English: snowsled

We offer snowsled for winter expeditions

  • very good stability in different terrain
  • low resistance by pulling
  • waterproof bag
  • the bag is removable, equiped with shoulder straps to carry your bag, you can fix the sledge itself on the bag if necessary (no snow etc.)
  • weight approx. sledge 4 kg, bag 1.5 kg, sticks including pulling belt 1 kg
  • dimensions: sledge 120 cm, bag 100 cm
  • removable sticks, possibile to carry in one bag with your ski on flights etc. (but not so stable as those by Fjellpulken or FINN SAVOTA, in traverse terrain it turns partly downslope)
  • good access to your stuff during the day
  • very simple construction in order to repair easily in extreme conditions if necessary
  • minimizes injury risk (compared to skiing with a heavy backpack)
  • reasonably cheaper than the market leaders like Norwegian Fjellpulken and Finnish FINN SAVOTA

Purchase price: 390 euro

shipping costs or free personal pickup Praha, Czech Republic, free delivery possible also to Kiruna, Sweden

Rental 10 euro/day, rental rules and regulations in Czech version only.

For further information please contact us on pulkken@gmail.com, +420 777678390 or +46 (0) 738096505